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Maximum High-definition Experience Supports up to 1920 x 1200 HD resolution with high-definition, provides you with the fascinating experience. Environmental Protection Material Environmental protection preferred, this cable adopts imported PVC environmental material as jacket. Devices Switch Comfortably Applicable to PC, STB, Projector, Displays, etc., and all these equipment should have the standard HDMI port or the standard DVI(18+1) port. Support bidirectional transfers. Extreme Transmission Made by 4N oxygen-free copper, this DVI to HDMI cable is designed for signal transmission with high speed. Universal Compatibility Can be applied to the devices with HDMI port and DVI port, such as the computer, smart box, Play Station, TV box, TV, display, projector and so on. Specification Brand VENTION Product DVI to HDMI Cable Model VAA-T01-B Length 3M Plug Copper with 24K gold plated Port Type Standard HDMI male, DVI(18+1) male Case Material Imported soft environmental PVC
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